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Highland Christian Academy exists to partner with families in seeking to develop discerning, articulate, and biblically rooted young men and women who are equipped to go into the world as salt and light
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But he lifted the needy out of their affliction
    and increased their families like flocks! 
 Ps 107:41

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National School Choice





Private school Choice 

Private school choice programs empower parents to use state funded opportunity scholarships , refundable tax credits, or corporate funded scholarships to send their children to qualifying private schools.  These programs are created by individual states.  Some private school choice policies are relatively universal (allowing all children to participate), while others are targeted to assist low- and middle income families, children who would other wise attend failing public schools, or children with special learning needs.  Most of t these programs have rigorous accountability guidelines to ensure that schools meet standards for safety, fiscal soundness, and non-discrimination, while also requiring academic reporting for participating students.  Private school choice programs can take several different forms, including:

Opportunity scholarship programs, also called school voucher programs, which allow parents to use all or part of the tax funding set aside for their children's education to send their children to private schools.  

Tax credit scholarships programs, which allow individuals or corporations to receive dollar for dollar tax credits for donating to qualifying non profit scholarship organizations that offer private school tuition assistance.

Personal tax credits and deductions, which allow parents who send their children to a private school receive a state income tax credit, or a deduction , for private school tuition as a well as books, supplies, computers, tutors or transportation.


Who We Are

Who We Are

Statement of Faith

Highland is a non-denominational school committed to the historic Christian faith ...



Mission Statement

          Highland Christian Academy exists to partner with families in seeking to develop discerning, articulate, and biblically rooted yo...



Vision Statement

At Highland, we desire to graduate students who are able to faithfully apply the Scripture to every area of life.   ...

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