Drop off Pick up

Safety at Highland Christian Academy is one of our main goals.  Below are procedures that allow your children to be safely dropped off and to be picked up from school.

Drop Off Procedure

Please plan on dropping off the student(s) no later than 8:30 am.  After 8:30 am students are requested to enter via the school office.  All side entrance doors are locked at 8:15 am.  Middle and High School students only may enter the front office area at 8:15.

Pick – up Procedures

3:10 pm (PreK thru 2nd grade)
3:20 pm (3rd – 4th grade)
3:30 pm (5th – 12th grade) at new location


Please do not modify pick up line procedures unless you are directed to do so by a faculty member.  Passing on the right or left of a vehicle is not permitted unless directed by faculty. Please adhere to this policy for the safety of our students. There are only 2 designated exits.  Exiting and cutting across parking areas are also not permitted.  

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