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 A Teachers Perspective

Our school is interdenominational, but Biblically sound. HCA is one of the few places where we can accept and discuss denominational differences without compromising Truth.


The faculty feels great ownership in the development of our school. We have watched it grow, and helped to decide its course. We are very proud of the program that has developed and are always looking for ways to grow and improve the programs we have. As teachers, we work as a team to solve any issue that arises.


Our academic program has resulted in consistently high test scores, with at least half of the students in each class qualifying for the Duke TIP program. We have been very successful in the competitions we participate in, performing at the same level as schools much larger than us. Because of the freedom we have been given in our classrooms, we are able to provide hands-on learning experiences and to tailor instruction to the individual student’s needs. At the same time, students are also held to high performance-based standards. We are accredited with quality by The Georgia Accreditation Commission.


Our athletic program is both inclusive and competitive. Anyone who wants to play gets to play, and it has been exciting to see our school become competitive in cross country, basketball, softball, baseball, track, volleyball, soccer and cheerleading. Athletics help motivate our athletes to succeed academically, and give them the confidence they need to succeed in other settings.


We have thriving clubs that are open to everyone. Through these our students have developed school traditions and community service opportunities. We have a homecoming dance and a prom each year. Both are clean, well-attended, and fun. Through our clubs our students have learned how to run a meeting and plan and execute an event.


Through our computer lab, technology is available and and is required in most classes. Students are experienced in using technology to communicate information to a group. High school students produce an online newsletter and a yearbook. Students complete a digital photography course using Printshop Pro to produce outstanding photographs.  Highland has 5 computer labs.


As we prepare our seniors to leave us, we take them to visit several different kinds and sizes of colleges and take them through the Financial Peace seminar. They also participate in the Truth Project curriculum and read and discuss The Purpose Driven Life. Each senior is given the opportunity to serve the community through a 180 hour internship program in a career field that they are considering, gaining valuable work experience.


The part of our program that is most important to all of us is being able to mentor our students spiritually. Teaching the same students for several years gives us the opportunity to influence their lives in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a larger setting. Producing leaders for the Kingdom was our first mission and remains at the heart of everything we do. It is the thread that winds through academics, athletics, clubs, technology, and relationships as we labor to produce confident, mature, well-educated disciples capable of impacting the world for Christ.